Maine Coon Tall Tails

Maine Coon Tall Tails

This is how they ought to look

The Maine State Cat
Green-eyed torbie ~ 3 yr

Hard Evidence

Historic Photo of Maine Coon Cat "Snowball" (Re-imaged photo: Copyright 1990)

Historic Photo of Maine Coon Cat "Tobey (Re-imaged photo: Copyright 1990)

The Facts

And "....I have been writing of the cats of long, long ago," authenticates historically the presence of a recognizable type of cat, known as Maine cats, as present in Maine well before the Civil War era in 1861; well before her own cat "Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines."

Mrs. Pierce' first cat owned in 1861 by her brother and herself was a Maine cat named "Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines." This cat she describes as one of the "long-haired cats of that variety often called Maine cats.......... their advent reaches far back beyond the memory of the oldest inhabitant." It is clear from this comment that Mrs. Pierce had questioned elderly relatives and friends about their Maine cats, and had listened to tales of Maine cats in her girlhood years.

The Maine Coon Cat Authenticated
Copyright 1998, 2007

Authentic Maine Coon Cat - Dirigo "Swift River Ruffian

Tall Tails

Legend of the Maine Coon Cat
Copyright 1986

History of the Polydactyl Maine Coon Cat
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A native Mainer, notable Maine author and artist did her undergraduate studies in fine art and literature at Syracuse University. She has written many articles on this unique breed of cat. Her articles are internationally published and have been translated into other languages since 1990. Beth has written many of the most authoritative articles about the unique Maine Coon breed.

Beth is internationally recognized as a foremost authority on the Maine Coon breed. She is dedicated to preserving native Maine Coon cats. She contributes substantially to the history and evolution of the Maine Coon Cat breed, genetic topics, and breeding articles about Maine Coon Cats.

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