How to register a Foundation Maine Coon

How to register a Foundation Maine Coon 

IF YOU HAVE LOCATED a Maine Coon of unknown origin in the state of Maine, it is still possible to register it. Contact The American Cat Association for a registration application. Fill in the spaces that you have accurate information for, name of cat, colour, sex and date of birth (if known, if not an estimated date). Be sure to identify it as a Maine Coon where the form asks for the breed. Under Sire and dam, if unknown, write 'unknown' in each and every line available. Send with the fee and the resulting registration number will be the start of the pedigree for its offspring.

The American Cat Association is the oldest cat registration in the United States. Although small, it is recognized for official documentation of cat pedigrees by all other associations. Because of the ability to register with the ACA and transfer later to other organizations, the cats first bred and registered with the ACA, can then find their rightful place in the show ring and within the world-wide recognition of the breed as a whole.

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Updated 25 Mar 2015