Dirigo Polys

Affectionate, playful, and gentle polydactyl Maine Coon kittens.

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Our “Poly” kittens have the rich true genetic Maine heritage of 350 years
because they are of true Maine-origin.  Authentic in physique, with their true, sweet behavior, 
and good genetic health, the Dirigo Polys grace your home with love and 
companionship.  Dirigo Polys come 4-poly footed or 2-poly footed, and normal-footed kittens
are also possible.  Our Polys are behind many of the world’s finest Polydactyl Maine
Coon breeders, and we know they will make you happy, too.

We are home to perhaps the most unique pedigreed Polydactyl Maine Coon in the USA
(if not the world!)  Dirigo Kokajo has two different color eyes, lovely 4 poly feet, 
and is the rare and unusual color of red-silver (cameo) classic tabby with white van pattern.

© Dirigo Kokajo Kokajo 

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