Native Maine Coon Cat Association

Native Maine Coon Cat Association

The NMCCA is dedicated to preserving native Maine Coon cats and contributes substantially to history
and evolution of the Maine Coon Cat breed, genetic topics, and breeding articles about Maine Coon Cats .

We are Maine Coon Cat association members and fanciers who show in and support all cat associations.

NMCCA is organized primarily to support and assist foundation members of the NATIVE Maine Coon Cat.
Members are not elected, but are welcomed. All are welcome to join.
We welcome everyone interested in supporting genetic diversity and better health for our Breed.

NMCCA members help each other and share important information about the MCC health, genetics and pedigrees.


It is intended to list NMCCA articles on this page. Some recent articles are listed here.

Useful links are planned: News letters and back issues
This club is founded on the principle of Members helping Members for the good of the Maine Coon breed. We are volunteers . and a non-profit organization. The membership fee of $5 US ( $15 overseas ) covers postage and copies.of the newsletter.

To join the NMCCA and receive newsletters
send $5 US ( $15 overseas ) to:

726 Roosevelt Trail - #23
Windham, ME 04062

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