Maine Coon International - Issue #10 Maine Coon Article: "The Modern Look"

The Modern Look

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The ideal Maine Coon is ever elusive, always a blend.
This photo story shows one breeder's combination of early Foundation lineage.

NOREEN MCCAULEY of Tattletails cattery, readers will recall from part one in Maine Coon International, issue 8, kindly shared pictures of her Maine Coon cats. Together, we looked closely at her collection of many photos of her Whittemore cats, Cozy Nook cat and her Ktaadn cat. Each strongly resembles its own foundation bloodline: for example, the Whittemore cats had coat and broader cheekbones; the Ktaadn cat resembled Fluffanutter through the body type, the Cozy Nook female resembled her Quan Yin heritage. But the pictures started to show and embody the refinement of pedigree; and the blend, of the five foundations. The fifth foundation line involved was Heidi-Ho, a line we are all familiar with, but it is important to note from the pictures, that the ensuing blend stands on its own as a blend of all the lines, and all the lines are and were necessary to achieve a good blend. This will encourage breeders whose breeding programmes presently add new foundation lines to existing lines, and may reassure those unfamiliar with foundation, that the modern look is not lost by blending with foundation.

The Ktaadn cat, Ktaadn's Kokadjo Knight, a male, still resembles his maternal grandsire, Annaki's Fluffanutter mated with Whittemore's Chickadee, and the heritage of Ktaadn's Katrinka, his dam, shows in the very long and heavy coat from her Whittemore parent.

Notably half Heidi-Ho, a son of Heidi-Ho Henry Sayward, had begun to be lengthened in this male known as 'Kokie' The Cozy Nook cat, a female brown classic, very warm in colour, also notably half Heidi-Ho on her sire’s side, is a daughter of Heidi-Ho Luke of Cozy Nook. By looking at her photo it could be surmised that the angles in her warm intelligent face exemplify her Quan Yin and Mistorn heritage. The sire of Cozy Nook Sassy Cinderella, 'Luke', was well-known for his endearing face. Heidi-Ho Luke of Cozy Nook was pictured in a CFA Yearbook article as a definitive Maine Coon kitten. As a still handsome adult male, he contributed his enduring looks to the 'blend'.

Each fourth generation parent and third generation cat show strong family resemblance. The surprise comes at the next generation. The kittens look surprisingly familiar! The kittens bred in this fifth generation level so many years ago greatly resemble any random set of kitten photos displayed by Maine Coon breeders today, atop various show cages. The expression of the eyes becomes familiar; the ears are set in a modern way; the body lengthens to the familiar proportion; the tail suddenly is that bit of extra-long accent. Over all, the modern look appeared by the fifth generation.

This particular breeding combined five foundation lines. The only line-breed lineage was Heidi-Ho and Whittemore. The other foundations were not type-set by line-breeding, but contributed strong, healthy, outcross dams. The Whittemore line was countered by the double dose of Heidi-Ho, from both parents. The kittens were also half Heidi-Ho, one generation removed.

The very strong characteristics of all foundation lines, with a unifying factor from Heidi-Ho, combine and produce our magnificent and handsome cats of today.

Above: three kittens of Ch. Ktaadn's Kokadjo Knight and Cozy Nook Sassy Cinderella

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